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Handmade, personalized wood pendants and hearts. Adees Pendants comes in six different types of wood. Inside, it contains a small vial for storing cremated remains, a lock of hair, a baby's first tooth or whatever small precious keepsake that you want to keep close to you at all times. Adees Hearts comes in three different types of wood.
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Why choose Adees Keepsakes

Adees are used to store personal, precious keepsakes. Inside each Adee is a glass vile that holds 75 milliliters of ash or hair. The top and bottom are stainless steel, built to last for generations. The wood choices are: Padauk, Yellow Wood, Purple Heart, Walnut, Mahogany and Zebra Wood. Two lines of personalized engraving are included on each Adee Pendant. The Adees Hearts are available in three wood choices: Walnut, Cherry, Maple as well as engraving options (two lines of engraving only, laser engraving photo only, both engraving and laser photo or blank).
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Custom Engraving

Two lines of engraving are included, up to sixteen characters on each line.

Authenticity Card

Each Adees comes with an Certificate of Authenticity card guaranteeing that you are getting our finest product.

Black Nylon Rope & Split Ring

Each Adee purchase comes w/ a black nylon rope (to hang as a pendant) and a split ring (key ring).

Adees are made in America

The Adees are hand made in America by our master craftsman and creator, David Berkabile.


The creator of the Adees Keepsakes is none other than David Berkabile. Master craftsman, father of 6, lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To Become a Distributor


To become a distributor, complete the form below. You will receive one display per location (Each additional display is $49). Each display comes with a custom made flyer holder, 50 flyers and 1 Adee Keepsake (with the name of the location and establishment year engraved on it and your choice of wood for the display Adee Keepsake).
Call our toll free number to order additional display packages: 888-851-2051

Wood Type:


Some of Adees Keepsakes Distributors

  • La Paloma Funeral Services
    5450 Stephanie Street, Suite 110
    Las Vegas, NV 89122
    Telephone: (702) 732-7070

  • Simple Cremation
    3620 N. Rancho Dr. #101
    Las Vegas, NV 89130
    Telephone: (702) 395-0650

  • Nevada Funeral Services
    3094 Research Way, Suite #63
    Carson City, NV 89706
    Telephone: (775) 883-5500

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Adees pendants are by far the most affordable, personalized keepsake option I've ever seen.

Ryan Bowen | Owner of 7 funeral homes throughtout Nevada


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